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Calling for Writers and Artists.

This year I shall be dedicating the Christmas Zine to Ursula (Ursula4X) my long time friend, and zine collaborator, who lost her battle with cancer in December 2011. I have missed Ursula's presence in my life a great deal.

As always the zine will be based around the characters played by Nicholas Lea. I will accept both Gen and Slash submissions; though I would ask that any illustrations should not be overly explicit.

I'm not picky about the length of the story - or whether it's poetry of prose. The artwork can be cartoons, digital manipulations, pen and ink drawings, or paintings.

I will also accept any fusions or crossovers as long as the artwork or story's focus/main character is one played by Nick Lea.

Things I will not accept.
No fiction based on "The Investigation" as this is based on a real person.
Also, no RPF or RPS (Real Person Fiction or Real Person Slash) of any kind.

The closing date for submissions will be November 30th, which will give me time to read them and clarify any details.

Please let me know if you intend to take part in this project. (Thanks).

Please include the following Header Information at the top of your submission:

Title: Hidden
Author: Santa
Slash Pairing: Krycek/Mulder
Show: X-Files

Title: Whatever
Author: Elf
Character(s): Jerome Horn,
Show: Threshold

Also please state if a Crossover or Fusion, with which TV shows or movies.

Character(s): Alex Krycek/Templeton Peck
i.e. Shows: X-Files/A-Team(tv)

Please, please... remember to include the email address to which feedback on your story or artwork should be sent.

If you haven't participated before, please follow this link for an example of what the finished Zine looks like. Thank you.

My email address for submissions (and any queries) is at gmail dot com


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